Just so you know it’s my birthday


Now today is my birthday. It will be nothing short of an ordinary Tuesday with grueling classes from 7am to 5pm non-stop , officially the worst day of my routine week. Well,  unless somebody’s got a surprise for me,  which I scarcely expect.

I’m ambivalent about turning 21. I’m both ecstatic and excited. I’m largely hopeful but its hope flecked with some anxiety. It’s not an all good-feel for me.

But please make no mistake..God has given me one more year and I’m super grateful. I advanced to another class this semester,  which is a great thing and I  can rattle off a few wins from my previous year but there is a slightly overarching feeling of nonattainment and certain disappointment. Some expectations not met,  some loss. But such is life.

Sometimes my sight can get blinkered so I see only the murkiness but it will be great import to say that life has notwithstanding, been blissful and God has been faithful.


Now it had always been known in some circles that I had been experiencing egregious eye pain.
That came to change. The pain is now occasional and a great deal less. Click here to read that particular story in detail.

To Friends

On my 21st birthday I would want you to know  that I never tell you much enough that you can never spoil me with gifts.  🎁 Haha!

But anyway you matter to me and I hope I matter to you too.

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boniface Sagini


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