Imma get married to a banker.. But not this one!!


By Beatrice Byegon

I have always known bankers to be very particular, very choosy, close perfect or perhaps know what they really want which is mostly true. Literature has it that they are just on point, that I’m left wondering why the and not just any other, we’ll, of course they dominate with afew others here and there. It could be because they do a lot of weighing and balancing sigh! Or because it’s demanded of them that they just have to be accurate with what they do,that their work is too sensitive, Not to forget the need to show their prowess.. How long a list.. I’ll leave it at that.
I couldn’t be too wrong but I’ll be open to your opinions, perhaps you mm Ightf get me to understand this banker mystery..
Another quote goes “bankers are mostly like everyone else except, Mind you except They are richer a puzzle I have sought an answer therein. Why richer? Let’s all figure it out.
As we keep looking for an answer, bear in mind ‘the only other reason a banker would only be as rich until drunkenness, womanising and hurt pride meets their way.
Well, this is mostly true and wouldn’t outrule my statement owe to this one guy that even if  he asked me for a hand I most definately wouldn’t hesitate to say no, well at least in a politely. I write this article still pissed at the fact that I’d put up with the date that long.Commend me, I tried but not again.
He goes by the name Amos and Oh I forgot the other name, may not be of  importance anyway.
To make mention. Bankers are extremely busy men, unless his was a special case, So on this lazy Sunday afternoon, in a totally new Town I am set for a date with a banker had I known it was a ‘banker’ maybe a precious afternoon would have served a better purpose , or better yet change my perception about them. It’s high time I did, My dream still lives on. Marry one or vice versa. Too bad it’s all gone , I could never take back time. So out I go, jeans, tee shirt and a sassy warm coat and braced the cold April /may weather,and break the norms of staying indoors, go ahead and meet somebody, so here she goes .
Sisters always stick up their noses in our endeavours but we are forced to understand they’re upto much good than be mean. Her words clearly warned, ‘
‘ when you meeting somebody you slightly /barely know, do so in an open and comfortable place’ it’s said everywhere but some of us need it stuck up in our heads.
And heey she’s not crazy and I’d be quick to heed, am a soon to be preacher to the same. Aha, that’s intelligent of ‘so I go ahead to meet up at a reknown restaurant, boring day but I may try. There he goes, seated, and perhaps very composed_banker in the making_
oh please!!
Already having a cold non-alcoholic drink, That was good enough to me – oh how I hate alcoholism, taste or even the smell of it.
After abit of introduction by sight of the stranger well, I eventually would need to get down to the nitty-grittys about this man.. Trying so hard to be lady, my within struggling so hard to get cosy but no, you could never be as comfortable with a stranger.
‘I am Beatrice’ He a Wycliffe, how weird, never though I’d ever lunch with a man by such a difficult name, I just did besides it just a name, but there was that one bit that was amiss, he looked way older than a datable age according to me or perhaps his insinuation.
My mind had to get back around, free from that many a thought

“What you going to have”,
-how kind-, my brain raced up a bit to find options.
Eventually settles, “Chicken sounds just fine with abit of pilau turns out a viable option anywhere anytime and a vegable of choice” Our conversation developed slowly by slowly so I get to learn he’s in his mid thirties, alleging he’s unmarried, well ofcourse those are the initial
And most crucial questions to ask if at all the date is progressive unless of course it’s an official date, it would make a big difference.
John Harris in his book points out that if a man has to approach a woman, he has a plan clearly outlined in his brain, whether a prospective wife, a fling kind of thing, for whatever reason, they always have it hands on. And from what I could tell, this one had his clearly put, he saw a viable prey, to_promise_to flush with goodies,use and then dump and I’ll tell you why in a while.. these things really happen every single day, and it’s upto her woman to choose her fate orderly and informed. I am grateful I have outgrown naivety of course and gullibility to a certain point but it once in a while arises that for fear of’
I must say it wasn’t, hadn’t been easy to sift everything and keep the conversation going, I had to be quick, set aside the daggers from the aces or baits. All because sometimes words work together to insinuate different things at the same time. This is not an investigative murder case or what have you but I needed the intelligence to make an informed decision.
‘You must be a student? ‘
Cursing under my breath for why he’d presume I could be a student.
Could it be because there are alot of campus girls around, or is it because of my tiny stature, he only could answer to that, The other part of my impressed that I’d look that young. But there’s nothing good about being young right.?
I managed a stern ‘No’,
‘what do you do? ‘
‘ Teacher’
Where did you school, when?
He insinuates he schooled in one of the prestigious Kenyan boy schools, went on to Nairobi University for his first level degree in Actuarial and that’s why he’s a banker.
‘Oh well, impressive!! ‘
‘ But why did he mistakenly mention being In two different schools for his o-levels as he called it?’
There must be something amiss about his secondary school education. There was certainly an underlying lie for show, We’d need to have a third eye anywhere anytime. It don’t matter
Aha! My reason to probe. Discretely, I went on, It took me barely five minutes. This Internet is a bitch, it airs out all information about us in public, server issues. His profile was all out there, he schooled in a good school somewhere in a  totally different province as he alleged. I am not as paranoid as not to trust people  but you give me a reason and I’ll get back at you and that’s just that.
Time never seems to rush when you have to put up with a lie and it’s perpetrator head on.. I still had some to spare, and I didn’t mind the company, maybe not just yet, and besides, there was nothing to hide.
‘…. I would love to take you to meet my mama someday, she an old lady but am sure she’ll be happy to meet her sons bride to be ‘
‘ Puh-lease!’
(That certainly didn’t travel home so well, or maybe it was too soon to be true. And is he really serious, he could as well be crazy, too much for a first day.)
‘ Oh Really that would be nice, but don’t you think…’
‘certainly not any room for thinking, I am at ease ‘
‘ Well then, I will give it a thought’ Christ this had better be a lie because I am smitten but then again…
‘What kind of flowers do you love?I could do something like a surprise’
‘Purple Tullips’ of course if I had no option but to choose something, I love the scent in flowers but I have so little zeal about getting a surprise bunch, maybe I should readjust.
‘How much do you pay, for your rent? ” Ksh …”
‘I could get you a TV, a nice TV ‘
‘ Oh so offer, don’t say, won’t you just do it’ I thought
I will plan to take you on a date over the coming weekend ‘
‘ I’d love to, unless something comes up ‘
These were all too much to hold but a man has always got to try. And I was still trying
Clocking six pm, my self imposed curfew time was slowly getting eaten into and I haven’t yet made my intentions to leave known, maybe, just maybe I should let him finish. Luckily, He prudently suggested that we could leave, but not just leave, he suggested we could tea at another restaurant, that was too much already but I honoured it. Whatever put me in that patient stated must really have it against me,but I believe it would only be me that made it happen. The heavens would not consent to that.
Seated at the kinda oddly cold restaurant but with vast partitions, I waiteid, tea seemed just okey, after cold showers outside. Tea was no choice for him.
‘may I have a drink-but not tea’
‘Yeah, you may ‘
Opting for a warm tusker is when I knew, This we wouldn’t go one way ;me and alcohol two worlds apart so is the drinker and I am entitled to my choices .
If I had known that this would put me at a platform to judge him, maybe I would have opted otherwise and not let him drink. And it’s even more irritating when you have to put up with the alcohol – after sluggish state. ‘Drink but be sober’ I think but how is this even possible, drinking to a limit perhaps.
‘what’s your week like, ‘
‘ Normal schedule ‘I mean it’s always been so, unless I gave me a day off.
As time sped on we constantly grew warry of words, much had been said and on that context been graced with a listening spirit. It was time to call it a day and even better, you could not rely on an alcohol drinking person to get you home safe, I don’t buy the idea.
For a moment, I noticed his fidgety behaviour over his phone, whoever it must have been I don’t know, but for a while of enough obs I thought I could ask
‘is everything Okey, you been on your phone – with faces. ‘
A man will never Consent to weakness, do I say!!
He opted to switch off his phone instead. And found some peace.
Whoever it was or whatever, I don’t care at all.
In a while, a friend of his appeared, said hello shared one
Or two and off he goes.
‘ A fellow banker’ he later said.
I was working on my mug, just to drain it’s contents,amidst that
‘can I possibly host you?’
‘Host me? ‘
This boy has got to be hi, or missing a mark.
‘ why would you need to host me? I have my place to go to ‘
‘ ……..’
‘So this is it, promises, lunch, and give in? ‘boy’ s got to be kidding that I have bought it all, and I have grown beyond that.
Time read 7.30pm, I’m not sure I am actually going to get home.
At the thought of all these, I am constantly reminded of a word gone around that if you are a young girl/woman , slightly skimpily dressed, all so made up at the young to the wee hours of the night it has an implication-a serious perception to the eyes of the people unless otherwise . Luckily I was decent, I could be ruled out but not entirely.
‘They’re shopping’ it’ll be said.’ ‘Wanapigwa maji’And they get between 200-five hundred shillings an item depends on how they offer it. If you still don’t get it consult with me
So my mind quickly looks for ways of getting out of that place there and then. I would probably have a Monday to be talked of’ students have a way of making it juicy, on one account it’d be unbearable, on the other I could risk losing the respect, and I did care for that so well, so much, Now explain that to a man who may as just have nothing to flinch about, that’s not his business, if he cared, he’d have though of that already. But I highly doubt it was any of his concerns.
‘ Take me home ‘
‘ Wait a while’
I wonder how much longer I’d have to wait to get home and to listen further to nothing more to say, but a constant mull over what he had already said I mused. He could just as well said it once and let the ears choose; listen or be deaf. But what I am certain about is that he rendered everything more difficult, complicated or out of favour for him. Had he been wise maybe he’d do it differently. But No, he had no time to realise that.
Pretty annoying.
Next fifteen minutes ‘take me home’ and he’d say the same thing over and over ‘wait a while’  I didn’t want to disrespect him but even that has a motivation. It is not in any way that I lacked the ability to snap a finger and have a ride home, It is my desire to let him be a sane man, but from what it seemed, he just wasn’t upto the challenge and I’d have to take it out on my own hands.. His slightly unsober state put him in no capacity to be the bearer of his phone.. So guess who the inventorer was, The date. For the while that title is going to last. I’d never want to be in a similar situation. Not once. Not ever again.
From miscalculation of spendings, put him on a rough patch with the waiters and the cashiers. Lengthy unnecessary arguments, I wouldn’t be part of it. So I choose to pay off and let alone the conversation.
Enraged ‘I really didn’t ask you to pay for..’
‘but we cannot keep pulling each other over small comprehensive issues’
The phone had to be on That’s the only thing left for us to get out of there and since I was soberly a custodian I served the same purpose when switching on the phone, I really didn’t mind. Messages came in one after another, and since the phone had been off, they came in multiples. I don’t say I am snoopy but I managed to see one that particularly caught my eye.
‘I am going to tell on you to her you womanizer , you have no shame
So she is the one?’
Blackmail slowly building up huh, I thought.
That was enough to make me snap but my anger does not throw me into tantrums, If I am angry, tears start welling my eyes. My jaws clinched and a pool of saliva clogg my throat, I  cannot talk, but if  I have to talk, it’s not going to be nice at all. The tears is always an option.
‘… I would have no problem if I had all non-contradicting information, I would then choose to get Into battle withal. But in a situation like this.. I sure couldn’t cope. to top it up, lie after another ‘
‘ Ofcourse the she was me, and the her was a wife or whatever. ‘
‘ who is she? ‘
‘ You’re being blackmailed? ‘
‘ It’s nothing really, it’s someone who just has an issue with me’
‘Oh yeah people don’t just have unvalidated issues to a point of Blackmail ‘
Everything was so clear to me, I had no use being there at all.
‘ won’t you please have me a ride home, ‘
‘ please let me first explain ‘
Ofcourse there’s nothing he was going to change, he lied, has issues, who knows how many other a woman is out there.
‘ we cannot keep explain something that will take us no where we’d just be buying time ‘
‘ it’s late as well ‘
There’s this guy who must have been dropping eaves, as though it’d be of help to him? Not at all, our conversation was everywhere . so I insist on home and he on explaining, Neither of us made sense to the other. But I was Enraged. He seemed to enjoy it because he was in no hurry. I couldn’t further than I had be polite, I couldn’t ask to be helped I had myself to help me.
I snapped a finger amidst his irresponsibility, uncare, got myself a motorbike,I direct him to get me home, let the rest for the foxes, they seem to be comfortable.
Whatever this guy had in mind, he’d uncertainly have it on a silver platter,he had to work for it, in the right way.
He lost the chance, I lost my peace and happiness for a while and afew teardrops;how so dear. Undoubtedly I rest my case. The next time I would really have to, it must really be a have to scenario and one so rightly put. .
Banker or no Banker; horrible day, useless musings, wasted hour ; I could be writing a rather important content, and this is what is? (Sigh) . I still have a dream, may not necessarily be a banker but one in the making of character, poise, attitude, and of course prospectily vibrant.
And Oh I kissed dating goodbye!!