Thrills and Chills: Trudging Through Life.

Thrills and chills is not your ordinary, everyday motivational book. It touches on the negativities of life in such a positive approach, making adversities of life seem normal, ordinary almost welcome.




‘Thrills And Chills: Trudging Through Life’ is a realist ( meaning consisting in practical facts not visionary, all feel-good , unrealistic vibe) motivational book that talks about life and just how its woes can be trumped. It is a gentle reminder of how amazing life is. In it I discuss pain, positivity, speaking out, masculine stoicism and suicide, social comparison, gratitude, impermanence, grit and success. I intimate that life is not so bad after all and I nudge people towards accepting life the way it is with its ills and all.


Thrills and Chills  got published in December last year by Mystery Publishers and was launched on 13th of January 2017 courtesy of Writers Guild KE.

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My name is Boniface Sagini. I’m 21. I’m the proud author of the fairly touted book, Thrills and Chills.

I wrote it to say an inspiring word, to cheer up one weary soul.

I’m so passionate about Thrills and Chills for the reason that lots of things were happening in my life when I was writing this book. Though this book is not about my life, it is in many ways spurred by it.

Thrills and Chills is personal to me.

But I have other labels. I’m a passionate civil engineering student, I’m a blogger and change-maker of my own right . I’m a fledgling young man with certain moral and intellectual standards. I love reading and writing.

I blog at to broach subjects that matter. I talk about building failure, morality and life.

I was born in Kisumu and I have grown up on the fringes of Kisii county. I went to Lenana School and I’m currently studying at the Technical University of Kenya.

I’m writing my second book that will wax on the issues impinging on the youth and also say that we young people are not just big , lewd, wicked children.

I work hard to make my mum proud.

You contact me via or call me on +254714313962



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But is life for you so bad, really?

So the rationale of having written this book is to ‘say an inspiring word’ to a lot of people who are hurting, crying and sounding defeatist, an inspiring word to millions of people who are living in pain and indigence. I wrote it for a young chap who hopes there is no life after death so that he can finally rest, for a dejected ailing woman who thinks God enjoys torturing her and for some hopeless folk who threatens his friends he’d shoot himself. I wrote it for them and for myself.

I know the pain. I know the struggle. I know the life because I live it too.

Life is like a rugby ball. You never know where it bounces next.

Going through life is trudging through the possibilities of pain and bliss, hurt and mirth, thrills and chills.

From the experience of history, misfortunes and the heartaches of this life can bring the best in people, and conversely the worst. Pain changes people for better or for worse. It can change a fledgling, naive person to a strong, courageous person or on the other end of the spectrum, sadly however, a devout and pious Christian to a smoking meathead. Such is the power and potentiality of meeting challenges. It can make or break, build or destroy.

Sometimes, words of comfort from people -from friends or relatives -don’t achieve much meaning. They don’t cheer us up. They don’t quite lift us up when we are down. We hear them say to us ‘It will be fine’ or ‘stay strong.’ But frankly, at certain times these words don’t do much to raise our low spirits. They sound hollow and routinely familiar.

Now, I don‘t suppose that all great achievers-writers, painters, composers and whatnot, have had to go through terrible odds to be where they are but we can see it is these atrocious moments that become the defining opportunities for most of them, if not almost all of them.

One of these days you feel your life is miserable, know somebody somewhere is having it worse. And you are not alone. There are a lot of people hurting like you.

Life is not so bad after all when you can breathe.

Men aren’t willing to speak, because to them it’s a sign of weakness. They clamp down on frustration, on disappointment, on anger because that’s what it means to be ‘manly’. And unlike their female counterparts, they opt to ‘shut it within’ until they somaticize and a physical symptom appears.

Now, wishing things were better doesn’t make anything better. Situations are not changed by wishes. They are changed by a shift of the mind set and persistence in endeavor that knows no barrier.

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. First life…you get birthed and then you die. The sun rises and then it sets. There’s day. There’s night. Even if the night is thick and dark, it doesn’t last forever. It’s followed by a bright morning with invigorating sun rays that dispel the darkness. As with every human experience, success is temporal. Failure is temporal. Winter is temporal. Summer is temporal. Pain is temporal or actually accurately ephemeral. These things are only short lived.




“It is often said that journalism is the first draft of history. In ‘Thrills and Chills’, we have a chance to consider the first draft of a young life. Boniface Sagini has taken a brave decision to lay his young life open for our consideration. The lessons he has distilled are useful ones, if reflective of a young man who’s been in this world for all of two decades. He will write again, hopefully at the tail end of a long, eventful life. In that volume, we hope that Sagini will have had a thrilling, and much less chilling life.”

Wallace Kantai
NTV Business Editor

“In this book, Boniface picks you up, and carries you, as on a pedestal, through the pains and joys of life. His words; a beautifully spun tapestry, a balm to the weary soul and a sting to the joyful soul.
I recommend this book to anyone serious about living, not merely existing, experiencing life’s warm embrace, not merely passing by it.”

Dr Paul Bundi Karau, author of ‘Journey to Academic Success and Beyond’

“A book worth your time. It will add some spice of cheer to the path you trudge along.
It restores in you hope again, instilling resilience in adversity through relatable moving experiences of diverse people. The diction and approach is superb.”

Gideon Mutai, author of The Optimist’s Creed.



“In all honesty bro Boniface Sagini your book is a Masterpiece, if the option existed, I wouldn’t mind paying for it even before its launch. I pray that we launch it soon because it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a bestseller.”

Gabriel Dinda , CEO Writer’s Guild.

” It is one of the great books that have always added something to my IQ. Just one sentence into the book and you all in.”-

Erastus Aunga

“The book is so inspiring, I can’t wait to read it again and again,. Thanks for the talent bro.”

Fred Ayugi.

“Hello Mr. Sagini.

Just today at around 1600 hrs I finished reading your rivetting piece( Thrills and Chills).

I must comment on the boldness to touch on life negativities.

I am charmed to have made an encounter with your book at an early point of the year.

Thrills and chills is not your ordinary, everyday motivational book. It touches on the negativities of life in such a positive approach, making adversities of life seem normal, ordinary almost welcome.”


“Attended the launch of “Thrills and Chills” by author Boniface Sagini and thought I’d just go and dump it with my ever growing book collection for later reading. Then I started reading and wow! Talented young man. Great read all the way.”

Abur Felix, professional copywriter,

Very beautifully written. Am enjoying reading my hard copy.

Esther Wairumbi

Hi Sagini,

First, congratulations for writing such a masterpiece, at your age. It is the first book i have completed reading since the year began.

The ideas, themes;  addressed in THRILLS AND CHILLS  are of great admiration…However, well-researched information as well.

Your book can truly inspire someone, just like that.

Kind regards,


Hi Boniface, a loyal reader of your ‘Thrills and Chills’ book here. To be honest this is the best book have ever read in my life. You’ve covered all aspects in life. The content in the book is so relevant and practical to my life. Thank you very much. I feel enlightened, encouraged and motivated. I’m so glad i read thrills and chills, I’m sure my life will not be the same. For sure this is work well done. Keep the fire burning.

Thanks again.

Loyal reader

Thrills and chills is a perfect example of a page turner. Its not just a pot boiler. It is a compelling read with so much inspiration. So much hope for a brighter day for all the dying hearts. The book gives you a perfect view of how life truly is in its realist form, with it’s merits and demerits, its up’s and down’s and its fair and unfair endings.
A simple read that teaches you on how to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Thrills and chills teaches you to be grateful for all the obstacles in your life because growth is not only painful but constant.
Its a book you keep rereading every time.
Hanii Mkalonga
My first time I had to steal it from a friend for a few days…the second time I sent someone for a copy… Thanks for the good piece of inspiration.
Thoroughly enjoying reading.
Dr. Vincent Ogutu

Boniface Sagini